Shape Shifting

Frost edge conforms to the shape of windshield

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Cushioned Grip

Soft touch material cushions hand and improves grip

Brass Blade

Brass blade maintains its finely honed frost clearing edge longer than plastic

Rugged Ice Teeth

Ice teeth and frost edge work in unison to chip and clear ice in one clean motion – no flipping back and forth needed

Improved Ergonomics

Novel design substantially reduces hand and wrist strain

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The image shows the result of a Finite Element Analysis simulating how the scraper deforms when pressed into a windshield with convex curvature.

The Shape Shifting Technology enables the entire frost edge to contact your windshield to remove frost, unlike traditional scrapers.

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    The design of The Better Ice Scraper has a lot in common with the design of bridges.  The trusses of a bridge transform bending loads applied to the bridge into tension and compression loads in the chords of the truss,  providing high stiffness and added strength.

    The side walls of the Better Ice Scraper body act just like the trusses of a bridge, but the arrangement here allows bending loads applied to the frost edge to be variably transformed into tension and compression loads in the side walls.

    Variably transforming loads is the key to allowing more bending in the middle and less bending near the ends of the frost blade.

    Numerous iterations were analyzed to optimize the design so that it bends enough to conform to window curvatures, given the amount of force a typical user can generate, while maintaining sufficient stiffness to effectively remove frost over the entire frost edge width.

    The adjacent video is the output from a Finite Element Analysis of The Better Ice Scraper when pressed into a curved surface.  The video shows how the frost edge of The Better Ice Scraper deforms when pressed against the curved surface with a force typical of what a user can generate.




A user must produce a force couple by both pushing down and pulling up simultaneously, to press the scraper against the windshield.  This leads to hand and wrist strain and increases the risk of injury.



The ice teeth and frost edges are placed in simultaneous contact the windshield making The Better Ice Scraper inherently stable. A user need only apply a simple force (i.e. no force couple required) to press the scraper against the windshield.  This  substantially reduces hand and wrist strain and lessens the chance of injury. The novel design also holds the ice and frost edges at optimal angles for ice and frost removal.

Ideal for people with reduced grip strength

Did you know that 50,000,000 Americans (1 in 5) have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis? The improved ergonomic design of The Better Ice Scraper reduces the demands on the user’s hand and wrist while engaging the larger muscles of the arm and shoulder making our scraper significantly easier to use, especially for people with reduced grip strength.


Available Soon

The Better Ice Scraper is almost here.  Please register below and we will let you know as soon as The Better Ice Scraper is available.


When we decided to start Better Stuff, our plan was to build a product company that would focus on solving everyday problems  not adequately solved by existing products.  We brainstormed (and brainstormed, and then brainstormed some more) compiling a list of problems and possible improvements we thought we could make.

Next, we conducted interviews to see if other people thought the problems we identified were in fact real problems.  Our goal was to find real problems encountered by real people  – that we thought we could solve.

Surprisingly, what bubbled to the top was scraping frost and ice off your car.  Who would have thought!  It turned out that virtually everyone we spoke with agreed that current ice scrapers “were awful” (actually, most people used slightly more colorful language to describe their experiences with traditional scrapers).  We also had a spark of an idea for how to fix things, and Better Stuff TM was born.

After 2 years, hundreds of sketches, 10’s of prototype iterations with too many design changes and modifications to count, The Better Ice Scraper was finally ready.

We are very proud of and excited by the launch of The Better Ice Scraper as we hope you are – but we are  equally excited about the future.  Stay tuned as we have already started the process of bringing our next Better product to market.

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